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Synthesis Report on the Sixth Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning

Sixth roundtable discussion on strategic energy planning, 1 July 2021 

EEG Working Paper: Study on the impact of electricity tariff increases on consumption behaviour and overall wellbeing among urban households in Ethiopia
Meron Tesfamichael, Yacob Mulugetta, Abebe D. Beyen, Samuel Sebsibie
The Economics of Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries
Meredith Fowlie, Robyn Meeks
How probabilistic electricity demand forecasts can expedite universal access to clean and reliable electricity

Highlighting an underrepresented and complementary area of research.

Stephen J. Lee, Dhruv Suri, Priyanshi Somani, Christopher L. Dean, Jason Pacheco, Robert Stoner, Ignacio J. Perez-Arriaga, John W. Fisher III, Jay Taneja
Policy Brief: Pathways to an Electrified Ethiopia

How can Ethiopia meet future energy demands?

Will Usher
Mozambique’s fossil fuel drive is entrenching poverty and conflict
Joshua Kirshner, Daniela Salite, Matthew Cotton
Energy system development pathways for Ethiopia: Work Package 3 Final Report

In this technical report, the authors present quantitative analysis to investigate plausible electrification pathways for Ethiopia.

Will Usher, Ioannis Pappis, Andreas Sahlberg, Fitsum Kebede, Tewodros Walle, Solomon Tesfamariam Teferi
Working Paper: Households’ valuation of power outages in major cities of Ethiopia: An application of stated preference methods

An application of stated preference methods - working paper

Tensay Hadush Meles, Alemu Mekonnen , Abebe D. Beyen, Sied Hassen, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Samuel Sebsibie , Thomas Klug , Marc Jeuland
Disbursing Emergency Relief through Utilities: Evidence from Ghana
Susanna B. Berkouwer, Pierre E. Biscaye, Steven L. Puller, Catherine Wolfram