wind turbines hills
The dynamics of urban household energy poverty and energy transition in Mozambique
Carlos Shenga, Matthew Cotton, Joshua Kirshner, Lorraine Howe
Working Paper: Does Energy Access Increase Resilience Against COVID-19?
Sierra Leone
Laura Langbeen, Joseph Levine, Madison Levine, Niccoló Meriggi, A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Vasudha Ramakrishna , Lennart Sattlegger , Maarten Voors
Working Paper: Prospects for Energy Efficiency in Sierra Leone’s Power Sector
Sierra Leone
Lucas Davis
Pre-paid meters and household electricity use behaviours: evidence from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Abebe D. Beyen, Marc Jeuland, Samuel Sebsibie , Sied Hassen, Alemu Mekonnen , Tensay Hadush Meles, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Thomas Klug
Deconstructing knowledge and reconstructing understanding: designing a knowledge architecture for transdisciplinary co-creation of energy futures
Sierra Leone
Saurabh Biswas, Clark A Miller
Renewable Energy Procurement in Ethiopia: Overcoming Obstacles in Procurement from Independent Power Producers
Renewable Energy
Seife Ayele, Wei Shen, Tadesse Kuma Worako, Lucy Baker, Samson Hadush
Synthesis Report of the Seventh Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning

Seventh roundtable discussion on strategic energy planning, 12 December 2021 

Key principles for improving the support to strategic energy planning in developing and emerging economies

Key principles from the Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning for improving support in developing and emerging economies

Governing procurement of renewable electricity amid power sector reforms

A review of experiences from China, South Africa, and Ethiopia

Renewable Energy
Lucy Baker, Wei Shen, Seife Ayele