COP26 EVENT: Green grids—Cross border trade in renewables and the energy transition


With the technology for long distance transmission of electricity developing apace, and green grids as an area of focus for COP26, what are the potential benefits of inter-country, inter-regional and possibly even inter-continental trade in renewable energy? And what are the challenges or risks?

This event, held in Glasgow during the first week of COP26, drew together a panel of researchers and policy makers looking at this issue from climate, resource allocation, financial, economic and technical perspectives. The panel, together with a live interactive audience, explored:

  • Nepal – a policy maker’s view of why cross border renewable electricity trade is important

  • Can interconnections between national grids contribute to system resilience – the case of South Asia and the COVID pandemic

  • Procuring renewable power – what have we learnt from experience in Africa, Asia and Latin America about the most effective processes for procuring affordable and reliable renewable power?

  • What is technically possible – the technical and economic potential for intercontinental connections between India and the Gulf States

  • Considering environmental and social issues – is connecting to the areas of highest renewable generation potential always the best approach?

  • COP26 and green grids – how are these ideas translating into concrete action?


View the full event here.