Yacob Mulugetta
Interview: Professor Yacob Mulugetta

The UCL professor on developing the EEG Ethiopia country programme.

Kenya wind turbines
EEG to coordinate international initiative on strategic energy planning

New Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning aims to increase the effective use of evidence and analysis by decision-makers in developing countries. 

By Luca Petrarulo
Nepal tangled cables
EEG and LCEDN partner to develop a research agenda for community energy resilience

Principal Investigator Long Seng To on developing a research agenda for community energy resilience.

By Long Seng To
Men overlooking Upper Marsyangi dam Nepal
EEG launches call for proposals on impact of cheap renewables and storage for South Asian power trade

Ryan Hogarth on the gains to be made in South Asia through the energy sector.

By Ryan Hogarth
Simon Trace OPM
Interview: Simon Trace, Principal Consultant, Natural Resources & Energy, OPM

Simon Trace, Principal Consultant for Natural Resources & Energy at Oxford Policy Management shares his experiences on the EEG Sierra Leone country programme.

Marcela Tarazona EEG Programme Director
Interview: Marcela Tarazona, EEG Programme Director

The EEG Programme Director shares her thoughts on the programme's greatest achievements and challenges as it enters Part 2.