How to engage with us

EEG is one of a select few donor-funded energy programmes which grapples with questions related to large-scale energy systems and the linkages between electricity use and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

The programme’s innovative ‘research co-creation’ model has been designed to bring together researchers and people in a position to effect change. EEG is actively seeking to cooperate with other research programmes, funders, universities and consultancies.

We are looking for opportunities to collaborate with:

  • Potential suppliers of research, through our open calls for proposals.

  • Donor-funded energy programmes, where EEG can help in the design of, or extend funding for, research or other programmes in energy; use findings to feed into strategies and planning around energy; help to develop best practice around research uptake; contribute to knowledge on operating in specific countries, or collaborate on capacity development and other events or workshops.

  • National and regional energy programmes that can help us build local contacts, understand local challenges, and disseminate results to policymakers. We will prioritise working with those energy programmes based in the nations and regions where EEG research is focused.


EEG is currently in year three of its programme.

To be eligible for funding, recipients must meet the minimum eligibility requirements stated in the Request for Application

All EEG research will be peer reviewed by a Selection Committee that will include both academics and practitioners, including experts, to ensure its relevance, methodological rigour and impact. Successful proposals will demonstrate clear policy relevance, a robust and appropriate research (or implementation) design, and the commitment of a local partner, among other criteria.

It is EEG’s policy to award contracts by competition to ensure quality, fairness and consideration of all eligible applications.

To propose research questions, get more details on research findings, or for technical support or guidance with applying evidence from research, contact the EEG Energy Helpdesk on