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Key principles for improving the support to strategic energy planning in developing and emerging economies

Key principles from the Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning for improving support in developing and emerging economies

Governing procurement of renewable electricity amid power sector reforms

A review of experiences from China, South Africa, and Ethiopia

Renewable Energy
Lucy Baker, Wei Shen, Seife Ayele
Delivering access to energy in Ethiopia: governance, efficiency and implementation
Oliver Broad, Julia Tomei, Femi Eludoyin, Gabrial Anandarajah
Energy system development pathways for Ethiopia: Final project report
Elusiyan Eludoyin, Oliver Broad, Julia Tomei, Gabrial Anandarajah, Ioannis Pappis, Andreas Sahlberg, Ben Milligan
Decentralized low carbon electrification: Global regulatory practice and implications for accelerating affordable and clean energy access in Ethiopia
Lobna Ahmed, Alexandra Poncia, Vivek Parekh, Julia Tomei, Ben Milligan
EEG Energy Insight: Electricity access and health behaviour before and during COVID-19 in Sierra Leone

This Energy Insight focuses on Sierra Leone, where just 2.5% of the rural population have access to electricity.

Sierra Leone
Niccoló Meriggi, A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Maarten Voors
Household's investment in energy efficiency and coping strategies to electricity tariff increase
Sied Hassen, Robel Seifemichael, Gabrial Anandarajah
Electricity market design and renewable energy auctions: The case of Brazil
Maurício T. Tolmasquim, Tiago de Barros Correia , Natália Addas Porto, Wikus Kruger
EEG Energy Insight: The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Power Sector in Low and Middle Income Countries

Update on the International Energy Sector Organisations’ Response

Simon Trace, Ashira Perera