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EEG sister programme, High Volume Transport, starts online community

The Applied Research programme in High Volume Transport (HVT) is inviting people to subscribe to its online community to receive newsletters, research updates and calls for proposals. A sister programme of EEG, HVT aims to improve transport knowledge and best practice across Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, looking specifically into high volume transport in different transport modes. The programmes share learnings where themes – such as growth and economic development, urban infrastructure, low carbon and climate resilience, and FCAS – overlap.

The transport sector in low income countries is fundamental to economic development, and it is a very large recipient of aid and public funds for investment. But research activity is minimal, and the evidence base for huge investment decisions is out of date and often inadequately specific to requirements.

HVT is a 5-year DFID-funded programme implemented by IMC Worldwide to generate robust evidence on the role that different forms of high volume transport play in promoting growth in low-income countries across Africa and South Asia. The programme will carry out engineering and technical research across four thematic areas:

  • Long distance strategic road and rail transport

  • Urban transport

  • Low carbon transport

  • Gender, vulnerable groups and inclusion in high volume transport

The primary recipients of this research will be relevant transport decision makers and development policy makers, central and local government transport practitioners, and private sector and civil society. For more details visit the HVT website or DevTracker.

Members of HVT’s online community will receive news updates, learn about research opportunities, receive research products, and be able to share thoughts and ideas on priority areas of research or the types of evidence and stories they want to see.

Click here to subscribe.

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