Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning at the 10th IRENA Assembly in Abu Dhabi

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will convene the 10th IRENA Assembly from 10-12 January 2020 in Abu Dhabi, with Government ministers and senior figures from public and private sectors across the world meeting to contribute to the global energy transformation dialogue.

As part of the event, the Fifth Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning will be jointly convened on 10th January by EEG and IRENA.

The workshop is part of the ongoing Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning, which works to improve the way development partners support energy systems modelling and planning in developing countries. The session will bring forward the agenda and actions which emerged from the June 2019 Roundtable Discussion in Trieste, geared towards promoting the Roundtable Initiative’s Principles as a recognised ‘code of conduct’ by development partners.

The discussion will be followed by International dialogue on energy planning: global best practices from the Long-Term Energy Scenarios Network and the Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning. This IRENA session aims to inform government decision-makers on how global good practices and ongoing international dialogues on energy planning can help to develop robust national planning processes.

Roundtable partners will share the benefits of better harmonisation and coordination achieved by the Roundtable Initiative, followed by a panel discussion on different national cases that have benefited from national and international networks of excellence.