Debasish Das
Assistant Professor, University of Khulna
The impact of pre-paid meters on consumer behaviour in Bangladesh and Ethiopia

Debasish Das is an assistant professor at the University of Khulna and is currently pursuing a PhD in the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics at the Australian National University. He is also working as a consultant with the World Bank Research Department. His research interests are in energy transition, electricity markets, household energy consumption, and behavioural economics. Debasish has engaged with a number of research projects in energy economics and has been working with all leading power distributors in Bangladesh. He is an applied econometrician and is currently working with very large datasets comprising of millions of data points to understand how the introduction of pre-paid metering can foster energy savings behaviours. He is an Erasmus Mundus scholar and has previously studied at the Universities of Queensland, Warwick, and Bonn. He has published in several internationally recognised refereed academic journals and is the co-author of an EEG Energy Insight: Pre-paid metering and electricity consumption in developing countries