Dr Gabrial Anandarajah
Gabrial Anandarajah
Principal Investigator

Dr Gabrial Anandarajah is an expert in energy systems modelling and policy analysis, carrying out energy and climate policy analysis at city, national, regional and global level. He also focuses on climate change uncertainty around the energy-water-land nexus.

Gabrial has 20 years of research experience, working for developed and developing countries, including for major multi-million pound research consortiums in the UK such as the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and the UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortia (UKSHEC). The Times Integrated Assessment Model (TIAM)-UCL, which is a multi-region global energy system model has been successfully developed under his leadership under the on-going UKERC Phase II project.

Gabrial also carries out research in the Global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America). His research for the Global South focuses on the sustainable energy system transition pathways, most recently including Ethiopia’s energy system development pathways to 2050; the impact of uncertain climate change on hydropower generation in Ecuador; Malaysia's energy system decarbonisation pathways to 2050: the role of bioenergy; quantifying climate change impacts on GDP growth, and promoting access to renewable and sustainable energy in Chocó, Colombia.