Ranjit Deshmukh UCSB
Ranjit Deshmukh
Principal Investigator

Ranjit Deshmukh is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies program at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and a faculty scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

Ranjit specialises in energy systems and policy analysis; electricity sector planning, operations, and markets; geospatial analysis of energy resources; and energy access in developing regions. 

His research interests lie at the intersection of energy, environment, and economics, specifically in low-carbon energy systems, clean energy access, and electricity markets. In collaboration with colleagues, Ranjit is developing an open-source modelling platform for planning cost-effective investments, ensuring reliable operations, and enabling efficient markets for future low-carbon electricity systems. Under this research area, he is co-leading projects in both India and Southern Africa. Another ongoing project involves understanding incentives and mechanisms to encourage adoption of energy efficient lighting and other appliances in low-income households in developing countries. 

Ranjit holds a PhD in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley.