Enhancing the social and economic impacts of energy investments through the use of energy to create value - Data Collection Methodology

This study by the Arizona State University team was designed to investigate and produce insights on two interlinked objectives. The first was to systematically identify the mechanisms creating, impeding or reducing social value of energy and consequently socio-economic development, enabled by electricity services in different regions of the country. The second objective was to ensure that research is not only conducted in a contextually appropriate manner, but also ensure it is conducted with the participation of relevant actors who shall be in charge of utilising research findings and implementing solutions well beyond the project completion.

The goal of this two-pronged research design is to generate an evidentiary basis for decisions on investments in electricity infrastructure and technologies to enable socio-economic development, while developing structural capacities to manage knowledge and actions. These include institutional changes, learning and knowledge management capabilities, inter-agency coordination, enabling policy and governance needs.

This report describes the methodology developed and implemented for the first set of objectives. 

Note: This report is part of a package of three reports, which together summarize the results of the project. The other two reports are:

  • Summary of Findings

  • Data Final Synthesis Report of Research

Sierra Leone
Clark A Miller, Saurabh Biswas, Wilbourne Showers, BrieAnne Davis, Nalini Chhetri, Netra B. Chhetri, Mary Jane Parmentier, Festus Lansana