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Energy and Economic Growth Applied Research Programme

On 9th March, 2017, EEG and the UK Energy Research Partnership (ERP) jointly held a research partnership seminar with industry experts form the private sector.

Thematic Note: Role of Extractives in Energy Provision
Renewable Energy
Michael L. Ross
Thematic Note: Designing large-scale energy infrastructure for inclusive growth
Vijay Modi
Thematic Note: The Linkages between Electricity Supply and Economic Growth
David I. Stern
Thematic Note: Policy Instruments and Governance Structures for Energy Reform
Efficient & Productive Use
Joyashree Roy, Rachita Daga
Electricity Reliability and Economic Development in Cities: A Microeconomic Perspective
Reliability, Grid Access
Paul J. Gertler, Kenneth Lee, A. Mushfiq Mobarak
Thematic Note: Energy Supply and Efficiency in Urban Areas
Efficient & Productive Use
Shobhakar Dhakal, Rachita Daga
Thematic Note: Large-scale Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy
Bridget Woodman
Energy Efficiency in the Developing World

The literature assessing demand-side energy efficiency potential, and the policies that can be deployed to tap this potential has traditionally focused on developed and emerging economies.

Efficient & Productive Use
Meredith Fowlie, Amol Phadke